Hi, I’m Kerry.

I’m a mom, a writer, and I work full-time. I love to read and write, and I hope to get to know you better so I can help you with your story.

Now, here’s the professional bio for you to learn all about me.

Kerry Rivera

Kerry’s titles have ranged from journalist to Marketing Director to Digital Media Strategist, but in every role her primary goal is to tell her audience a story. She enjoys taking messy facts, figures and strategies and translating them into a tale, presentation or post that will engage and leave her audience wanting more. Her career journey started in the newsroom trenches and has since transitioned to working for some of the leading global companies in automotive, financial services and tech.

She additionally writes for corporations, government agencies and brands in her spare time. For many years, she managed her blog, Breadwinning Mama, where she delivered advice, musings and insights on juggling a full-time career and parenthood. She co-authored her first book – Lose the Cape – now available on Amazon, in 2015, and co-edited the sequel – Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (and then I had kids) later that same year.

Her love for content creation is only trumped by her love for content consumption. Her Kindle and nightstand are equally full, and a stack of magazines can be found in every room of the house. As a Southern California native, she takes advantage of the outdoors, enjoying both the beach and mountains with her three kids and husband.